The mentor’s main goal is to develop an on-going relationship with a student to help that student realize their potential. Mentors are the individuals who are able to find the best in a student, pointing out their assets and thus helping to diminish their weaknesses. Qualifications The ability to listen. A desire to see the student reach their goals. Proven track record in keeping commitments. Must pass criminal background check. Enjoys working with diverse populations. Expectations - Meet weekly with student at a time specified by the campus 
 liaison. - Seek strengths and successes of student to acknowledge. - Listen actively to the student to help rectify any problems and to motivate them. - Provide sound guidance and direction when appropriate. - Assist with academic work as requested by student or teacher. - Report specific successes to campus liaison. - Report any indication of child abuse, neglect or behavior that 
 may put a child in physical danger. - Contact the campus liaison as early as possible if a meeting 
 commitment must be broken. NISD Mentors 52 Mentors 204 Mentors 13
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