In November 2012, NISD voters approved a $255 million capital bond referendum providing funds for 4,000 new student seats, new school construction, renovations and additions to existing schools, career academies and pathways, a technology replacement cycle, safety and security equipment updates and building component replacements.

In 2013, additions were completed at Lakeview Elementary School and Clara Love Elementary.  In 2014, additions will be made to O.A. Peterson Elementary School and Samuel Beck Elementary. Construction on V.R. Eaton High School has begun and is scheduled for completion in 2015.


Bond Summary 2012 Bond Items Enrollment & Program Growth…...$212,000,000 •4,000 New Student Seats: High School (August 2015) Middle School (August 2016) •Career Academies and Pathways •Classrooms for Science, Math, and 
 Environmental Studies Technology………………………….$25,000,000 • Infrastructure and Hardware for New Schools •Technology Replacement Cycle • Technology for All Classrooms Additions and Improvements…….$18,000,000 • Safety and Security Equipment Updates • Additions to increase capacity to 850 at Nance Elementary • Roof Replacements (complete or Phase 1) at Beck, Hatfield, Lakeview and 
 Seven Hills Elementary Schools; Chisholm Trail and Medlin Middle Schools; 
 Steele Accelerated High School; and the NISD Administration Building • Flooring Replacements at Hughes and Nance Elementary Schools; Chisholm 
 Trail, Medlin, and Pike Middle Schools; and Northwest High School • HVAC System Replacements (complete, Phase 1 or control system) at 
 Chisholm Trail, Medlin, and Pike Middle Schools; Northwest High School; and 
 Steele Accelerated High School Total Referendum..........................$255,000,000
Eaton High School to open 2015 Bond History - click here for history and information from previous Bond Elections
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