Leadership Ambassadors

Northwest ISD has teamed up with Friends of Texas Public Schools to offer a unique opportunity for NISD leaders through the Ambassador Training Academy for community members and staff. The Ambassador Training Academy will provide a greater look behind the curtain to learn what’s really impacting schools and how you can help.


Did you know that Texas public schools have never been more successful than they are today?


• The U.S. leads the world in global competitiveness.

• Texas ranks 1st in the nation for high school graduation rates.

• Texas kids beat national peers in college readiness.

• Writing scores reach historic highs.

• State of Texas says schools are good stewards of tax dollars.

• Percentage of high school graduates entering college is way up over
   the last 30 years.

• Northwest ISD and Texas Public Schools are achieving amazing
   things for the students.

New Leadership Ambassador Staff cohort begins this fall.
Leadership Ambassadors 39 Community Graduates
Leadership Ambassadors 74 Staff Graduates
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